LED Lighting

E-Works ProCreate awe-inspiring, animated displays at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting!  Rides 4-U is now representing E-Works Pro, a lighting company based in the USA that specializes in LED lighting solutions for the amusement industry.  All E-Works Pro lighting modules are produced in the USA making for the best product performance and customer support.

Environmentally Friendly & Cost Effective Operation

  • Consumes only 10-15% of the energy compared to other lighting
  • Up to 10x more cost efficient
  • Mercury-free light bulbs

Flexible Display Programming Options

  • Boards receive data 100s of times per minute for fast changing, custom light displays
  • Direct to the board programming reduces wiring needs to less than 1/1000 of traditional lighting
  • More reliable, less maintenance

LED Lighting Photo Gallery:

LED Light Show LED Light Show LED Light Show LED Light Show LED Light Show


See just some of our LED packages in action:

Morey's Pier Giant Wheel:

Capital Wheel (National Harbor)

Seattle Great Wheel
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